Round PRO Series Metal Frame Pool Package

Polygroup PRO Series 18 ft. Round 52 in. Deep Metal Frame Swimming Pool PackagePolygroup PRO Series 18 ft. Round 52 in. Deep Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package
Who doesn’t love to relax in a pool? A family sized pool means fun for the entire family and can be a great alternative to a vacation this year. Metal frame pools are sturdy and come in various sizes to fit even the largest family. Having a get together this year? Why not center it around a new pool?

If you are looking for a good quality family sized pool then the Round Pro Series Metal Frame Pool Package is a great idea. These pools are well built and with proper maintenance will last for many years to come.

Features of the PRO Series Metal Frame Pool Package:

· - Soft sided frame pool
· - Skimmer plus filtration system
· - Sturdy ladder with safety barrier
· - Swimming pool cover
· - Includes maintenance kit
· - Dimensions: 216 x 52 x 216 inches
· - Weight: 249 pounds
· - Shipping weight: 274 pounds

The skimmer plus filtration system is a really neat way to keep leaves and bugs out of your pool. The cartridge is easy to remove and clean inside the skimmer basket. The skimmer takes 1 inch chlorine tablets which are simply inserted into the cartridge. This helps keep your water quality clean and safe over the summer. These chlorine tablets are not included.

What’s Included With Your Polygroup PRO Series Metal Frame Pool Package?

Your purchase includes the following items:

· - pool and frame
· - filtration system
· - sturdy ladder with safety barrier
· - pool cover
· - maintenance kit
· - Assembly manual provided

Who Should Buy this Polygroup Pool Package?

The Polygroup above ground swimming pools are affordable and easy to assemble. These pools are constructed from super durable heavy duty gauge PVC composite material. The inner layer is reinforced with polyester mesh for super strength. You can compare this quality of material and construction to the quality used on inflatable river rafts. The Polygroup pools are 80% stronger than other frame type pools.

The Polygroup Company is well known for manufacturing above ground swimming pools and also produces artificial Christmas trees. They have been a top producer in this field for over 25 years!

You can find this Metal Frame Pool for sale. While there you can also pick up the chlorine tablets and any additional pool supplies and toys you may need. Everything will be conveniently delivered to your home. While this pool is quick and easy to set up you must take the required time to level out your pool area first.
Here's Some Additional Pool Supplies You May Need:

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