West Bend 41410 Programmable Bread Machine

West Bend 41410 Hi-Rise Loaf Programmable Breadmaker, 2.5-PoundWest Bend 41410 Hi-Rise Loaf Programmable Breadmaker, 2.5-Pound
Wouldn’t it be nice if bread could bake itself? You could just set it and forget it. The time for that may be here in the form of the West Bend 41410 Programmable Bread Machine.

Traditional versus Bread Machine:

It’s the same old fight: traditional versus new technology. The ultimate goal is to create a stellar product. And, if that can be accomplished with technology then bring it on.

Traditional bread making is satisfying and the product is excellent but it also has a major flaw – it is a time drain. Also, you have to be present at every stage in order to ensure that the product is progressing as it should. Don’t fall asleep or your bread will burn in the oven!

With a bread machine, the heavy lifting is done by someone else. You can add your ingredients, choose your settings for the type of loaf you want and wait for the finished bread to arrive. Sound too easy? You can accomplish this with the West Bend 41410 Programmable Bread Machine.

West Bend 41410 Programmable Bread Machine Features:

So what makes this bread making machine stand out?

Here are some of its features. First of all, it’s programmable. You don’t have to leave anything to chance with this model. You can set the crust color. Choose light, medium or dark. You can also set the type of bread you want to bake. Choose from French bread, baguettes, wheat bread, quick breads and dough for making bagels to name a few. There are a total of 12 to select.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also the option of size for your loaves. Select 1.5 pounds or even a 2 pound or even 2.5 loaf. And, it bakes your bread horizontally so it comes out looking just like the loaves you buy in the store.

The nonstick baking surfaces allow for easy cleanup. The sleek design and coloring make it a complement to any kitchen décor. There is a one year warranty if anything goes wrong with your machine in that time.

What else?

The West Bend 41410 Programmable Bread Machine will run you about $70. For the price you can’t beat all of the features. With this model, according to customer feedback, you really can set it and forget it.

The programmable screen is backlit for ease of use even in the dark. You can set your crust color for medium and it will give you the exact coloring you request. There is also a 60 minute warming feature to keep your bread ready until you are. It is also easy to remove the bread when it’s done.

Best of all the customer service from the company makes up for any shortfalls in the product. Complaints about breakage were handled quickly and satisfactorily.

Want a good bread machine for a nominal price? Try West Bend. You’ll see a great return on your investment.

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