Vintage Leather Briefcase, Berchirly PU Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag LaptopVintage Leather Briefcase, Berchirly PU Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Laptop
There are so many types and styles of laptop bags out there that it can be difficult to choose between them. From standard cases to messenger–style bags, backpacks to briefcases, the variety is truly astonishing.

It’s important to choose the laptop bag that’s right for your situation and fits your own sense of style. While a backpack-style laptop bag might be right for someone who is on-the-go often and has a very casual sense of style, it might not be quite so perfect for a high-powered executive who wears power suits and $500 shoes!

Laptop bags can be expensive. Even the least expensive bags start at $30 to $50. A decent quality bag that will last a while and protect your computer adequately will probably cost at least $100. If you want something in real leather with a brand name, you might have to pay $300 or more. With prices like these, it’s an investment that should be taken lightly.

Plemo Water-Resistant Laptop Sleeve Case Bag Cover for 14 Inch Laptops / 13.3Plemo Water-Resistant Laptop Sleeve Case Bag Cover for 14 Inch Laptops / 13.3
Standard laptop cases are generally styled like backpacks or briefcases. They usually have straps that sling over one or both shoulders, and they can carry other accessories, as well. They are meant for transporting and protecting a laptop.

A laptop sleeve case isn’t meant for transporting the laptop as much as it is for protecting it. Sleeves are generally meant to keep the computer from being scratched, dented, or cracked. They’re usually padded, and protect the computer against damage.

Some sleeves do come with shoulder straps, but most aren’t meant for transporting. Sleeves are generally used as extra protection for a computer inside a standard laptop case. Since many laptop cases don’t have a lot of extra padding, these sleeves can offer some additional buffer against bumps. They also help prevent scratches and dings in the computer itself that may be caused by other items inside the case bumping against the computer.

Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag, Brown, One SizeSamsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag, Brown, One Size
Laptop bags come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can find a bag to match almost any outfit or pair of shoes you can imagine! Even some of the world’s most well-known designers are now making some incredible laptop bags.

Designer laptop bags are certainly more expensive than a standard case. Some models can cost as much as your laptop! For example, the Prada  laptop bag is over $1,000. It’s expensive, but it’s incredibly stylish. It comes in a stunning gray and silver gradient on patent leather.

Not all designer laptop bags cost over $1,000. In fact, most are reasonably priced. You probably won’t find one for $50, but if you want a designer label, you have to pay a designer price. You can’t get a Gucci handbag for $50, and you can’t get a Gucci laptop bag for that either.

Case Logic VNB-217 Value 17-Inch Laptop Backpack (Black)Case Logic VNB-217 Value 17-Inch Laptop Backpack (Black)
Laptops can range from ultra-portable models that weigh only around a pound or two, to
“desktop replacements” that can weigh 10 pounds or more! Laptops of all sizes and weights can be clunky and difficult to carry. They don’t usually fit into a purse, and putting them in a briefcase with other stuff can damage them.

Carrying a standard laptop case isn’t always a good option, either. For one thing, these bags often aren’t as secure as you’d like. They can easily be snatched off of your shoulder if you aren’t cautious, and a thief could make off with your computer very quickly.

They can also be very uncomfortable on your shoulder. When you carry a heavy burden on a single shoulder, it can become painful pretty quickly. The load shouldn’t be carried on one side. This can throw you off balance and also be damaging to your shoulder.

Targus Sport Rolling Backpack Case Designed for 15.4-Inch Notebooks, Black (TSB700)Targus Sport Rolling Backpack Case Designed for 15.4-Inch Notebooks, Black (TSB700)
It seems like almost everyone has a laptop computer these days. College students are sometimes required to have one, and some colleges even provide them for certain courses. Business professionals of all kinds find laptops useful for working on the go.

Moms and dads even use them to keep track of scheduling and look up important information while they’re out with their kids. Since so many people have a laptop computer, the cases that hold them are more popular than ever. They’re sold in online, in electronics stores, computer stores, department stores, discount shops, and even some pharmacies!

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand, TropicalVivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand, Tropical
You don’t have to have two trees outside in order to enjoy the comfort of a hammock. Because it has a space-saving steel stand, you can place the Vivere Double Hammock anywhere that you’d like it to go. It can stand indoor or outside.

It’s a double hammock, which means that it’s just perfect for couples who want to relax together or a couple of kids who want to stretch out and read. The fabric that makes up the hammock is offered to you in two choices.

You can either get it in cotton or Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric means that the material is resistant to the wear and tear that can be caused by weather.

Best Choice Products® Hammock Hanging Chair Air Deluxe Sky Swing Outdoor Chair Solid Wood 250lb TanBest Choice Products® Hammock Hanging Chair Air Deluxe Sky Swing Outdoor Chair Solid Wood 250lb Tan
A hammock invokes images of resting on comfortable material catching a few winks outside on a breezy summer day. But some people, while they like the idea of a hammock, don’t particularly want to be in a horizontal position.

There is one style of hammock that has a gentle recline so you can stay in an upright position. This chair style hammock is just as relaxing as a flat hammock. The chair style makes it great for relaxing or for working in it.

Best of all, this hammock can be used inside your home or outside of it. If you use it outdoor, the weather won’t be an issue for it because the material used is made from a weather resistant product.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, BlackCaravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, Black
Relaxing is easy to do when you have a comfortable chair to do it in. Most chairs are so narrow that you can feel the sides of the chair digging into your hips. They’re so tight that you don’t have any wiggle room at all.

Regular chairs also don’t offer much in way of support for your backside, your back or your legs. Bu that’s not the case with the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair.

This chair is wider than a standard chair in the same class of chairs. This means that you have room to get as comfortable as you’d like to get. The chair is known as the zero gravity chair because of the technology involved in the design.

Stamina In Motion Elliptical TrainerStamina In Motion Elliptical Trainer
The Stamina in Motion compact elliptical trainer is great for both home and office use for you to exercise with. Because it’s a foot only style elliptical, it fits under desks and inside closets easily.

An electronic monitor on the front of the trainer helps to track calories, the amount of strides you take and the exercise time that you spend on the machine. The trainer is made of sturdy steel so it’s long lasting.

The pedals are non-slick, making it simpler to walk off weight without worrying about slipping while you’re on the trainer. Some assembly is required, but it’s easy to put together.

Sunny Air Walk TrainerSunny Air Walk Trainer
The Sunny Air Walk elliptical trainer comes with the promise of a no impact cardio. This means that exercising on this machine won’t cause your knees or your ankles to hurt. It also won’t cause other joint pain.

This is especially important for those with arthritis or weak joints. It also keeps strain off of the lower back. The machine weighs about thirty eight pounds and the maximum weight that it can hold is 220 pounds.

Because the trainer has moving handlebars, it allows you to get a full body workout without having to use any small weights as you walk. This trainer also has some nice features. It comes with a comfortable abdominal support pad that a lot of exercise machines don’t come with.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical MachineSchwinn 430 Elliptical Machine
The Schwinn 430 elliptical machine is great for those who are looking to start working out at home and getting into shape or just becoming healthier. The smooth movement of the machine gives you a full workout.

One handy feature that this model includes is a USB port so that you can charge your tablet or mobile device. It also has an auxiliary port so you can play your iPod from the machine.

It comes with speakers that are clear and loud and the cord needed to plug your iPod in is included with the machine. If you get too hot during your exercise routine, the elliptical also comes with a fan to help cool you down.

Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with PulseExerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse
The Exerpeutic 1000XI model is great for people who are looking to lose weight without wanting to join an expensive gym. You get a fantastic overall body workout too because this elliptical isn’t just for working out the lower body, it also has dual arms for working the upper body and building muscle at the same time.

The machine has stationary handlebars that allow you to focus your energy on your lower body alone. The pedals on this elliptical are large and ribbed so that keeps your feet from slipping while you’re exercising.

Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body SolidBest Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid
The Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer by Body Solid is a portable and compact trainer that gives your body a workout without taking up too much space in the room that you have it in.

The elliptical has a powder coated steel frame and it comes with a 10 year motor warranty. Because it has dual moving arms, both your upper and lower body can get toned at the same time.

The pedals are spaced close together, which allows you to exercise longer without getting hip fatigue or cramps. The handlebars have a heart rate contact grips feature that allows you to monitor the intensity of your workout.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner 20, Black, One SizeSamsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner 20, Black, One Size
The Samsonite Luggage brand has been a household name for it's quality, style and durability. Today it is still one of the world's largest and most recognized designers, manufacturer and distributor of luggage and travel related products. Samsonite luggage comes in different sizes; carry-on bags, garment bags, duffles/backpacks, soft-side and hard-side suitcases, business cases and even children's luggage.

Samsonite luggage has been the first to use leather-like material with a stylish appeal at a reasonable cost. Expert reviews offers more flexibility in packing, large selection of various styles and sized luggage, durability, a wide variety of colors, different materials and extra pockets and compartments.