What’s a Laptop Sleeve Case?

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Standard laptop cases are generally styled like backpacks or briefcases. They usually have straps that sling over one or both shoulders, and they can carry other accessories, as well. They are meant for transporting and protecting a laptop.

A laptop sleeve case isn’t meant for transporting the laptop as much as it is for protecting it. Sleeves are generally meant to keep the computer from being scratched, dented, or cracked. They’re usually padded, and protect the computer against damage.

Some sleeves do come with shoulder straps, but most aren’t meant for transporting. Sleeves are generally used as extra protection for a computer inside a standard laptop case. Since many laptop cases don’t have a lot of extra padding, these sleeves can offer some additional buffer against bumps. They also help prevent scratches and dings in the computer itself that may be caused by other items inside the case bumping against the computer.

Another great benefit of using a laptop sleeve is that you can actually carry your computer without a standard laptop case. If you’re a student, you can place your laptop inside your backpack along with your books, or carry it in a stack with your other supplies. If you’re a business professional, you can put your laptop inside your briefcase with your other work materials as long as it’s protected by the sleeve.

These sleeves aren’t just for protecting the computer, either. They’re stylish and interesting, and can go a long way to making your laptop look more attractive. If you buy a laptop that is in a color you’re not fond of, you can always change the look by simply getting a sleeve in a color you do like.

Sleeves come in many different materials, colors, and patterns. You can get a sleeve with your favorite sports team logo, your favorite band’s logo, or a pattern you really like. You’ll find hearts, stars, kittens, teddy bears, skulls, basketballs... almost anything you can think of! Some companies will even customize a laptop sleeve for you, using a graphic or photo you provide.

You could get a picture of your kids, your girlfriend, or even your dog printed on the sleeve.

Many laptop sleeves are custom made to fit a particular laptop model. They are cut to fit the exact dimensions of the laptop, which makes them fit perfectly. These sleeves can be hard to find, because there are so many laptop models out there. Only the most popular models typically have custom fit sleeves available.

You can also get general sleeves that can stretch to fit almost any laptop of a particular size, but they won’t fit perfectly. You may have your sleeve slip off occasionally, but it should fit pretty well for the most part if you choose the right size. They’re usually very stretchy, so they can stretch to fit most models relatively well.

If you choose to get a sleeve, you’ll probably also want to buy a case. The sleeve will protect your computer, but it won’t be very useful for transporting the computer unless you put it inside another bag like a large purse, backpack, or duffel bag. The sleeve will offer additional protection no matter what type of bag you put it in.

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