Laptop Messenger Bags and Briefcases for the Modern Man

Vintage Leather Briefcase, Berchirly PU Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag LaptopVintage Leather Briefcase, Berchirly PU Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Laptop
There are so many types and styles of laptop bags out there that it can be difficult to choose between them. From standard cases to messenger–style bags, backpacks to briefcases, the variety is truly astonishing.

It’s important to choose the laptop bag that’s right for your situation and fits your own sense of style. While a backpack-style laptop bag might be right for someone who is on-the-go often and has a very casual sense of style, it might not be quite so perfect for a high-powered executive who wears power suits and $500 shoes!

Laptop bags can be expensive. Even the least expensive bags start at $30 to $50. A decent quality bag that will last a while and protect your computer adequately will probably cost at least $100. If you want something in real leather with a brand name, you might have to pay $300 or more. With prices like these, it’s an investment that should be taken lightly.

The first thing you should do before you shop for a laptop bag is to find out how large your laptop is. Laptops that are 15” or smaller in size should fit into any laptop bag. But if your laptop is 17” or larger, it will need a 17” bag. These are more difficult to find than smaller bags, and you won’t have quite the selection you would if you had a 15” laptop.

Next, you need to figure out what you need to carry in your bag. Remember, it won’t be just your laptop you’ll be transporting! You’ll also probably be carrying your laptop’s AC adaptor, a mouse, other accessories, and perhaps note pads, notebooks, pens, books, magazines, newspapers, and other stuff. You’ll need something that can accommodate all of your items comfortably, with a bit of space left for those times when you need to carry more.

Another important consideration is your sense of style. Choosing the right bag isn’t only about price or size, it’s also about choosing the bag that will fit your personality, lifestyle, and sense of style.

Messenger bags are great for semi-casual professionals. They’re sleek, stylish, and professional, but still a little fun and sporty. They are generally good for carrying your laptop, but little else. Their small size doesn’t make them good candidates for those who carry a lot of accessories.

Laptop backpacks are very good for people who travel a lot with their laptop. They distribute weight evenly between two shoulders rather than one, which helps make you more comfortable when you have to carry your computer for a long period of time. They’re best for casual use, for school and more casual work settings.

Professionals need something more like a traditional laptop case or briefcase. The standard hard-shell briefcase isn’t good for laptops, because they can slide around and become damaged. Soft-shell briefcases are the standard for laptops. Depending on the model, these cases can hold a lot of accessories, and are very good for professionals who need to carry a lot more than just their computer.

Remember, it’s important to choose the right case for you. This can be a relatively expensive investment, and it protects another expensive investment. Choosing the right one is important, because you probably won’t be able to return it once it’s been used for a while.

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