Black & Decker B2250 All-in-One Automatic Breadmaker Review

Black & Decker B2250 All-in-One Automatic Breadmaker 

Making bread has never been easier with the invention of bread machines.  But, all of them are not created equal.  Find out more about the Black & Decker B2250 All-in-One Automatic Breadmaker to see if it is right for you.

Features of the Black and Decker B2250

Different bread machines will have a variety of features. One that people particularly like is that some are programmable.  This means that you can set it for your bread needs and then let the machine do the work.

 Measuring is also important with a breadmaker.  Using traditional recipe measurements could mean you have too many ingredients and you will wind up with a mess instead of a perfect loaf of bread when the timer chimes

If you are looking for both of these then you will find them in the Black & Decker breadmaker.

By “all-in-one” this Black and Decker B2250 All-In-One Automatic bread machine includes a nonstick bread pan and kneading paddle as well as a measuring cup and spoon.  Now, you are sure to have the correct amount of every ingredient for your bread creations.

 There is also a see through window in the lid that allows you to observe your bread being made at every stage of the process.  You won’t get burned while watching because the outer surface is cool to the touch.  The unit is lightweight (only about 5 pounds) so you won’t have any trouble moving it around the kitchen until you find the spot where it looks and functions best.

Not ready for your bread yet?  You can utilize the 13-hour delay timer so the machine won’t begin baking your bread until you are prepared for it.  It can bake at night while you are sleeping or while you are at work to be ready in time for dinner.  It’s your choice with this machine.

The digital display lets you know exactly what is going on with your bread.  You can set your preference for the crust color as well as choose from preset menu items for easy baking.  If you are not ready for your bread when it is done, there is a 60 minute warming feature that will keep your food hot.

More On the Black & Decker B2250 

The Black and Decker B2250  bread machine will roughly cost you about $90.  That is a comparable price as far as bread machines go.  But, is it worth that price.

There are mixed reviews on this product and its claims.  There is only one kneading and rising cycle so a large amount of yeast is needed to ensure that the bread will rise.  And, warm water is needed to activate the yeast in the absence of a warming cycle.  All of this means that your bread has the potential to rise too high and create a mess or be burned on delivery.

This model has some great features but it is the ones that it has gone without that cause some concern.

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