Here's Some Top Picks For Must Have Camping Accessories

A lot of people love to hit the outdoors during camping season and completely rough-it.  That can be a lot of fun, but if you go camping with your family or more to relax than to challenge the elements, you need to invest in some great camping accessories.

The items we've chosen will make camping much more enjoyable and give an almost-home feel for people who just want to get away but not give up all of the luxuries of home.


We chose the Coleman Speckled Enamelware for several reasons.  It's durable, colorful and it comes with a 4 piece set of cutlery.  This is convenient and saves you time and money from having to buy your cutlery separate from your serving set.

Features Of Coleman Speckled Enamelware

ñ24 piece set – incudes 4 each; cups, bowls, plates and matching cutlery.

ñRed speckled enamel on metal for durability

ñCarry case for cutlery

ñDishwasher safe


This product is great for people looking for convenience in a matching set and don't want to spend a ton of time matching up dinnerware and cutlery.

It's only a 4 piece setting, so if you have kids or a large family, you may want to purchase extra sets.

What customers are saying:

ñI always bought plastic utensils, Styrofoam cups and paper bowls and plates before getting this set. It's perfect for a family of 4.

ñI purchased three sets to use as my everyday and guest dishes. After almost a year, there are some chips on some dishes, but they just seem to add to the charm.

ñThey are super easy to clean and the silverware holder that rolls up and ties is very practical.


A good set of cookware is a must-have for family camping trips.  If you're a backpacker, it's likely you'll do most of your cooking, if any, over an open fire.  But for those who like a little modern convenience while they camp, this is a nice cookware set.

Your best choice for cookware is cast-iron, however, that can be expensive and it's not at all lightweight. This Texsport cookware set is durable and lightweight.

Features Of The Texsport Anodized Cookware

ñ7 inch fry pan

ñ1 quart  and 1 ½ quart sauce pans

ñMade of hard anodized material

ñStay cool wire handles

What customers are saying:

ñWhen we got back from the trip, I hated to "put them away, till next time," so I rescued them from storage, and put them to work in my not so tiny RV full-time home. They work well, and the flat bottoms and dark color seem to make all the cooking heat up faster, and cook with less heat used than with my regular pots.

ñVery well made, can withstand torture, and packs up in a very small bag.

ñThe pans are light, well crafted and are larger than the standard mess kit.

ñThis is the perfect camp set for 2 people, or even a small family with kids.

The Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern

The Colemanpropane lantern with mantles has been around for a long time and is a must have for camping.  It puts out a lot of light and is very lightweight.

The older models had to be filled with camp fuel.  These days, Coleman has incorporated the use of the small propane cylinders and designed the two mantle lantern to screw on top of a bottle.

It also comes with a base to set the lantern in if you're using it on a table.

Features Of Coleman Propane Lantern

ñGood burn time (7 to 14 hours depending on usage needs)

ñRust resistant

ñUses 16.4 oz propane cylinder

ñEasy light with matches

What customers are saying:

ñVery important! Do not over-tighten the top ventilator nut. The glass globe will crack because it has no room to expand when it heats up. I cracked two globes before contacting Coleman, who showed me the error of my ways.

ñGreat lantern. Lightweight, well designed (except that the 'legs' tend to fall off the tank when you carry it.

ñIt's really bright when it's turned up, but in most cases you won't need that much, so you can turn it down and expect quite a bit more time out of it.

ñUsers should always have some back-up mantles at hand when using this lantern.

You really can't beat this type of lantern for outdoor lighting.  It's very bright when you need extra light and will last a long time if you just need general lighting.

Knowing that Coleman has produced these lanterns for many, many years, I have no problems recommending this product.

Here's Some More Lanterns to Look At:

The Coleman Magnetic Battery Operated Tent Light

This Coleman Magnetic Battery light is ideal for tent camping.  It may not be bright enough, in a large tent, for you to read at night.  For most general purposes though, this light will give you plenty of light for getting into bed.

In the case of rainstorms where you are forced inside the tent, you may want to get two or three of them so you have plenty of light to play cards or read a book.

Features Of The Coleman Magnetic Battery

ñMagnetic – attaches to tent pole

ñKrypton replaceable bulb

ñBattery operated – takes 4 AA batteries

ñConvenient on/off switch

ñWeighs less than one pound

What customers are saying:

ñThese tent lights are awesome....they hook onto wherever you need them in your tent with a powerful magnet....I was able to read at night just like I was at home!

ñWhen I camp I do alot of reading so this is perfect for my tent.

ñThis is also deisgned as more than just a tent light. It comes with drywall anchors and wood screws in case you're just looking for a battery powered light to put in a closest or remote location without electricity.

ñThis light is not bright enough for a 6 person tent.

It's true this light may not be as bright as a home light, but it is ideal for getting into bed or needing a light in the middle of the night.

The price is very reasonable, so you may want to get several of them to meet your lighting needs.

Here's  Some More Battery Operated Lights to Look At:


The Coleman Full Sized Quick-Bed

Coleman has been a leader in camping and outdoor equipment for many, many years.  They offer many quality products that can give you years of use and enjoyment.

This Coleman Quickbed has a lot of mixed reviews on its quality and durability, but due to the price and the fact that it comes with a battery operated pump,  I chose to highlight it here.

Here's what customers are saying:

Please note:  The reviews here are mixed and not all positive, but sometimes you just get a bad product.  This could be due to manufacturing problems on the production line or it could be a poor quality product to begin with.  I believe the negative reviews could stem from malfunctions during production as many people have had great results from the mattress.

ñThis mattress has survived a lot.

ñColeman has gone downhill in recent years. I guess to save money, they've cheapened their products. Their air beds simply do not last.

ñThe mattress is very good - firm and easy to tuck away. Blows up very quickly and doesn't deflate during the night.

ñThe one big downside is that the bed sprung a leak after about a week of use.

If you're looking for something cheaper than the aero-bed and follow the directions for use and set up, this mattress can be a great pick. 

Here are some more QuickBeds to Choose From:

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