Diamondback Cobra 20 Jr Boys Mountain Bike

Boys tend to be naturally drawn to bicycles and bike riding.  This is especially true if they have an area to make trails and create ramps for jumping and just being an all around boy.

With its rugged looks and awesome green color, the DiamondbackCobra 24 Jr Boys Mountain Bike is the perfect starter bike for a boy who is a bit older and is ready to start getting a little rough with his riding, but still needs something he can whiz around the neighborhood on.

Your son may need some time to learn the braking system if this is his first upgrade to a big boy's bike.  He will also have to develop some hand strength to shift the gears, but this comes with time and practice.  Before long he will be out tearing up the dirt trails and having a blast with his friends.

Main Features of the Diamondback Cobra Mountain Bike for Boys

-   Beginner features for the boy just starting on dirt trails
-   Shockproof front suspension
-   Integrated chain guard with 7 speeds
-   Convenient twist shifters
-   Hand brake levers
-   36hole alloy rims

Technical Specifications

-   24-inch wheels
-   Heavy Duty Steel frame
-   Front suspension
-   Zoom suspension fork
-   7-speed Freewheel
-   Linear Pull Front and Rear Brakes
-   Riser bar shaped handlebar for comfort and convenience

Who is the Diamondback Cobra Suitable For?

This Diamondback Cobra Mountain Bike is perfect for a starter bike when your son is old enough to want a big boy bike, plus wants to start learning to ride dirt trails.  It's also great for taking weekend rides with the family.

If you're looking for a bicycle that allows your boy to be a boy and allows for multiple terrains, like pavement, this is a great choice.

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  1. Diamondback cobra 20 is one of the best bike I have never seen before. I used this bike few month ago. It provide the best service. Though now I'm using diamondback edgewood mountain bike. It also good.