Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')

The family with a couple of kids who love to go camping will be very pleased with the Coleman 14 by 10 foot 8 person two room tent.  It is very roomy so no one will feel uncomfortable.

It has plenty of screened windows, so if you're forced inside from an onslaught of mosquitoes or bugs, you can still look out and enjoy the view, unless you have a cordless mosquito repellant lamp that's available to campers. In fact it has 7 windows and 2 doors that make this tent much more appealing than tents which only have 2 windows and 1 door.

Features & Details Of The Coleman Two Room Tent

Coleman's WeatherTec System
Large 14x10 floor area
6.5' center height
Pre-attached poles
Strong, leak resistant seams

This tent contains the WeatherTec system, which is Coleman's exclusive weather protection system.  The walls are waterproof and constructed of thick polyestor.

It's exceptionally roomy measuring 14 feet by 10 feet.  The interior has an attached wall that can be used to create two rooms or left open for one large room.  Height in the center is 6.5 feet, so most people of average height can stand up.

The tent poles are pre-attached so you don't have to worry about losing them or figuring out how to piece them together when you get ready to setup camp. This design allows for quick and easy setup.  It may take a bit longer the first and second time you put it up, but will go quickly once you get the hang of it.

It has strong, leak resistant, taped seams, however you should still purchase some tent sealer to spray on the seams.  Always best to be safe than sorry.

Cons Of The Coleman Two room Tent:

Heavy. This tent weighs almost 44 pounds, but for a tent of this size and nature that's about average.  It's not one you want to take hiking as it's better suited for setting up camp that is easily accessible.

The weight of this tent can also be listed in the pro section as a durability feature.

The Coleman 8 person tent is quite the heavy-weight.  If you are small or a woman, it could be difficult to carry and spread out before setting up. However, this is also part of it's durability.

Pros Of The Coleman Two room Tent:

-   Large and roomy.
-   Can be used as one big tent or a tent with separate rooms for kids and adults or two couples.
-   This tent is quite durable and large enough for several people.  It is also relatively easy to set up and take down.
 -   Coleman has been around for several generations so it's a name you can trust in camping equipment.
 -   The tent poles are attached to the tent.  They are also telescopic so no need to worry about losing half of a pole or not being able to locate them.

Other Important Information:

-   Although one person can set this tent up by themselves, it goes much quicker and easier with two people.
-  Be sure to use extra sealant on the seams, just to be on the safe side.

You may want to get some bigger tent stakes.  Not all tents come with heavy-duty stakes and these are a must have, especially if you'll be camping in an area that can be windy.

As with any product that's manufactured, you can get a faulty product. However, this tent receives many positive reviews.  If you're an avid camper, you already know that all tents need some extra leak resistant spray on the seams.  A rain fly is also always recommended for any tent.

Due to the features, ease of set up and knowing that tents do need extra protection, even out of the box, we would choose this Coleman Instant Two Room tent.  However, as with any tent we would naturally take extra precautions and spray the seams and purchase a rain fly.  You never know what the weather will be like.

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