Coleman Classic Propane Stove

There's nothing like a camping trip and cooking out in the woods, but it's a lot easier if you have some type of stove to do the cooking on. The Coleman Classic Propane Stove has been around for years.  It's one of the most well-liked and enjoyed luxuries of camping. 

Features & Details Of The Classic Camp Stove

-  20,000 total BTUs
-  Wind-shield
-  Convenient size (23.25 x 5.5 x 14.75)
-  Portable & Light-weight (11 pounds)
-  Durable steel construction
-  Perfect Heat Technology
-  Three year warranty

This is a propane stove that puts out 20,000 total BTUs between the two burners.
It has a wind-shield to protect during windy conditions and a pressure control system that keeps the heat steady on the two burners.

This stove is large enough to use one 10 in (25.4 cm) and  one 12 in (30.48 cm) sized pots and pans on, but small and light-weight enough for easy portability.

It works great for small to medium meal cooking and makes it easier than cooking over an open camp fire.

Cons Of The Coleman Camp Stove:

-   Too big and heavy for backpacking it.
-   You need some kind of lighting device.  It does not come equipped with an ignitor.
-   Propane bottles do not fit inside for easy storage.  They must be stored and carried separately.
-  You may want to purchase some type of backpack for storing and carrying the propane canisters.
-   Even though it has a wind-shield, it is not designed for use in high winds.

Pros Of The Coleman Camp Stove:

-   Light-weight and easy to manage at camp set up.
-   Uses the screw-in propane bottles.  No more hauling cans of camp fuel and filling a reservoir.
-   It weighs less than 12 pounds, but if you're backpacking you may not want to take this along.  It is best set up on a sturdy table that has been designated as the kitchen area. 
-   The wind-shield helps block small winds.
-   Has a knob for each burner so you can adjust them independently.

 What Some Customers are saying about the Coleman Camp Stove:

-   Worked very good. Extremely hot flames, lite quickly. Only minor complaint is there could be more adjustments in the amount of output to the burners.
-   I have been using this thing for years. Temperature control is a little touchy, but it gets the job done.
-   This stove is very reliable and easy to light but is pretty much only useful for boiling because its two settings are off or nuclear meltdown.

Other Important Information:

-   This is a great stove to have if your electricity goes out at home and you still need something to cook on.
-   It is very light-weight and stores easily, either in a storage building or on a shelf in the laundry room.
-   It sets up quick and easy.  You simply open the stove, attach the propane canister and light.
-  This product should give you many years of enjoyment and usability.

If you plan to do quite a bit of camping, this Coleman Classic Propane Stove will give you tons of cooking pleasure and make meal time much easier.

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