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Boston Traveler Outdoor Stainless Steel 10-Piece Barbecue Grill SetBoston Traveler Outdoor Stainless Steel 10-Piece Barbecue Grill Set
With grilling and barbecuing there are a lot of extra accessories that you can purchase. Of course having a good set of grilling tools is a priority. These long handled tools will help make grilling that much easier and enjoyable.

Buying grilling tools in a set is usually much more cost effective. One such tool set is the Boston Traveler Outdoor 10 Piece Barbecue Grill set. Plus it comes in its own case for easy storage. This would also make a wonderful gift!

Cedar Grill Plank Set Of 6

Using cedar grill planks is another way to infuse wonderful flavors into your food. Cedar planks can normally be used at least twice so are best used for special occasions.

To use a cedar plank on your grill you should soak the plank for at least one hour.  Then season one side and place this face down on the grill for 10 minutes.  Using your tongs turn the plank over and place your salmon on it.  Close the grill cover and leave alone for 20 minutes.

Cedar grill planks come in packages of 2 up to 8 and these are among our top favorites.  There are easy to use and we have successfully used them 2 or 3 times each.  When the planks become charred then it is time to discard them.

 Heavy Duty Long Handle BBQ Grill Brush 18"

Grilling accessories are not just for cooking on your grill. Don’t forget you have to keep that grill clean! Grilling brushes and scrapers are handy tools to have. Plus you can leave them inside your grill once it has cooled down so you won’t lose them.

There are various sizes and types of grilling brushes available.  Some are made from bamboo while others are strictly metal brushes.  The type of grill brush you will need will depend on whether your grill is charcoal or gas.  This grill brush has stainless steel brushes and is safe for all grill types, is heavy duty and long lasting and has an optimal handle length of 18".

Weber Style 6434 Professional Grade Vegetable Basket

Grilling cookware can just make your life easier. You can easily purchase quality grilling baskets, griddles, pizza stones and more. These can also make grilling fun for the whole family! Why not help your kids grill a pizza?

Baskets are great for small and delicate items such as fish and vegetables that might otherwise fall through the grates.  A basket for fish allows you to handle the fish less ensuring that it won’t fall apart before reaching the table.

Some grilling baskets come with removable handles which is a great idea. You can easily turn or move the basket without burning your hands over a high heat. 

This 1/8" grilling basket allows juice to flow out while keeping food in.  Is made of durable stainless steel, cleans easily with soap and water and measures approximately 13-1/2" by 15" by 2-1/8".  Has curved handles for easy carrying and is ideal chopped vegetables or small items.

Grilling Wood Chips Or Chunks

Of course no grilling experience is complete without using some type of wood chips or chunks to add a wonderful smoky aroma to your food. Wood chips can be purchased in different flavors such as Apple, Maple or Cedar chips. Plus you can purchase them in various sized bags.

Bisquettes are a great way to add flavor to and these are available in large boxes.  You can often buy one box which contains 5 flavors allowing you to try them all out.

You may want to pick a smaller sized bag of wood chips or chunks in several varieties to start with.  Then order a larger box or bag once you have decided which one is your favorite.  Prices start at under $10 so this is an inexpensive way to add great flavors to your foods!

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