Intex Recreation Swim Center Inflatable Pool

If you are looking for a swimming pool that is easy to fill and drain but deep enough for younger children then this review could prove to be very helpful to you. The Intex Recreation Swim Center Inflatable pool has the appearance of the number 8 and has walls that are 18 inches high. This makes it easy for children as young as 3 years to climb in and out and for parents to easily drain and refill.

 This pool really does look as though it is well worth the money. The Recreation Swim Center Pool is perfect for young, active children. It definitely holds up to lots of abuse, even from older children! The pool is large enough for one adult and two or three children to fit into at the same time. The depth is perfect for younger children and the sides making climbing in and out easy. If you decide to place this pool on patio slabs or concrete you may wish to place something underneath it.

Main Features of the Paradise Lagoon Pool

·         2 air chambers that have a double valve intake + free flow exhaust valve
·         Repair patch included
·         Made from 14 gauge vinyl
·         Comes with a handy shelf box
·         Capacity 151 gallons
·         Water Capacity 123 gallons

Product Dimensions:

·         103 x 63 x 18 inches
·         Shipping Weight: 10.4 pounds

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